The Tournament


The full schedule of the 4 days of the tournament, the team and jury allocations in the fight rooms can be found in this page.

Welcome room + Jury briefing

The opening ceremony for team checking, full schedule presentation and team allocation will start 1 hour before the first Physics Fight:
(Thursday July 1st, Local Times: Pakistan 18:00, Ukraine+Russia 16:00, FR+DE+SL+SE+CH 15:00, Brazil 10:00, Colombia 8:00, US 6:00)

The Jury briefing will start 30 minutes before the first Physics Fight:
(Thursday July 1st, Local Times: Pakistan 18:30, Ukraine+Russia 16:30, FR+DE+SL+SE+CH 15:30, Brazil 10:30, Colombia 8:30, US 6:30)

Registered teams: The registered teams in alphabetical order are found in this page

Fight Rooms

The instructions on how to join the fight rooms in, can be found in this link


If you would like to attend the Physics Fights as an observer, you have to register in the link of the button below. The links of the fights will be provided via email after the teams allocation.


The virtual tournament will follow the general rules of the tournament you are familiar with, but with some important modifications in order to make it compatible with the online format.

Each team will be given 5 permanent rejections, which have to be announced before the first physics fight. To balance this, each team will only have 2 tactical rejections per physics fight, which are used as normal. All the rejections done after the 2 tactical rejections will be penalized permanent rejections. The teams can have permanent rejections before the 2 tactical rejections, which will also be penalized.

The winner of the PF receives 2 bonus points, whereas no points are given to the other team. In case of a tie, both teams receive 1 bonus point.

Additionally, the role of the Reviewer is removed for the physics fights, meaning each physics fight is between 2 teams only, with Reporter and Opponent roles as usual. In case of having an odd number teams registered, one of the rooms on each PF will have 3 teams, with Reporter, Opponent and Observer roles as usual.

The Final will be with 3 teams and run with the standard IPT format.

Timetable of one round in PF

For this edition of the tournament, we will have physics fights involving two teams instead of the usual three. There will be only the role of reporter and opponent. Here is the time schedule (timing) of a physics fight.
Each team in every Physics Fight will be given 1-minute timeout that can be used anytime, except stage performances (presentation & speech).

Socializing Activities

This year, the tournament will take place in the dedicated platform We recreated the space of the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw, Poland, who are kindly hosting and co-organising the IPT this year. We suggest to watch the demo on how to use the platform, to make the experience easier and more interactive.

In this space, you will be able to walk in and out of different rooms, conversations, and interacting with other participants as in real life. There, we will post the latest announcements, and you will participate in social activities and take virtual lab tours (the instructions to join the lab tours can be found in this link)- all kind of activities we miss so much from live events. We will host different games room, such as:

  • Among Us (the instructions to join Among Us from are located in this link)
  • Pixit (the instructions to join Pixit from are located in this link)
  • A Chess Tournament, where the winner will receive some goodies courtesy from the University of Warsaw (the instructions to join the chess tournament can be found in this link)

All participants, jurors and observers will receive the joining instructions via email – check your inbox or contact the ExeCom.