Registration and preselection problems

IPT 2021 has already started! The list of problems has already been released, and now we share more information on the next edition. The registration is now open, and until December, 20, country representatives should contact the Executive Committee informing about their country’s intention to participate in the tournament.

If more teams apply than the number of available seats, the participants will compete in a preselection process in order to determine who can join the international tournament. Each team has until February 7th23:59 GMT to submit a scientific style report on a finished or even unfinished solution to one of the the following three problems:

  • 2. Pop-pop away
  • 8. Heavy parachute
  • 11. Spinning washer

In addition, countries with national selections (at least 3 teams participating in physics fights format graded by a jury, at least 2 fights), teams may choose from an additional two problems:

  • 9. Solar retraction motor
  • 17. Quantum-droplet analogy

More details on preselection are available here. We wish you all good luck in the problem-solving!

Registration and preselection problems